About Us

Training for support personnel in the petroleum exploration industry.

PetroSearch (Training) delivers public and in-house short courses to the oil and gas industry, associated government departments and financial institutions.

We specialise in the provision of basic training for the lay person, in particular for personnel who work in, or with, the petroleum exploration industry but have little or no technical background. This includes accounting and legal people, secretarial and administration staff, technical support staff, service contractors, investors and brokers, and those in management or professional roles whose background or training is in a field other than Earth Science.

PetroSearch presents a regular program of courses in Perth, Western Australia as well as occasional offerings in the other capital cities of Australia and New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and Abu Dhabi. We have also run occasional ad-hoc public and in-house courses in Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Miri, Dubai and Port Moresby.