Public Courses

Learn about exploration, drilling, geology & seismology in the petroleum industry.

Short courses for your oil & gas team

PetroSearch (Training) has been providing public short courses for more than 15 years, with an emphasis on clear and simple explanations of sometimes unintelligible jargon and complex concepts.

The courses originated in Perth, Western Australia in response to a demand from the membership of the Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA) who recognised that there was a need improve communication amongst its members by cross-training to help demystify the terminology and practices employed by individuals who came from vastly different backgrounds but needed to work closely together as part of an oil and gas exploration or development team.

Typically these teams comprise not only geoscientists and engineers, but also managers, field operators, accountants, lawyers, OHS&E specialists, IT staff, purchasing and procurement specialists, data managers, and administration staff.

In a fast-moving industry, it is important that content is continually updated in response to changing industry technology and feedback from clients.

Courses are specifically scheduled to occupy a single day in order to minimise "out of office" time for attendees whose critical support roles often preclude a longer absence.

However, some of the more advanced courses may be run over two or more days, and inhouse courses can be scheduled at times convenient to the client.